The dossier of 14 disputes was handed over by the Chinese embassy in Canberra to Nine News, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in a diplomatic play that appears aimed at pressuring the Morrison government to reverse Australia’s position on key policies.

 foreign investment decisions, with acquisitions blocked on opaque national security grounds in contravention of ChAFTA / since 2018, more than 10 Chinse investment projects have been rejected by Australia citing ambigous and unfounded "national security concerns" and puttign restrictions in aereas like infrastructure, agriculture and animal husbandry.

 the decision banning Huawei Technologies and ZTE from the 5G network, over unfounded national security concerns, doing the bidding of the US by lobbying other countries.

 foreign interference legislation, viewed as targeting China and in the absence of any evidence.

 politicization and stigmatization of the normal exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia and creating barriers and imposing restrictions, including the revoke of visas for Chines scholars.

 call for an international independent inquiry into the COVID-19 virus, acted as a political manipulation echoing the US attack on China

 the incessant wanton interference in Chinas’s Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs; spearheading the crusade against China in certain multilateral forums

 the first non littoral country to make a statement on the South China Sea to the United Nations

 siding with US’ anti-China campaign and spreading disinformation imported from the US around China’s efforts of containing COVID-19.

 the latest legislation to scrutinize agreements with a foreign government targeting towards China and aiming to torpedo the Victorian Participation in B&R

 provided funding to anti-Chine think tank for spreading untrue reports, peddling lies around Xinjiang and so-called China infiltration aimed at manipulating public opinion against China.

 the early dawn search and reckless seizure of Chines journalist’s homes and properties without any charges and giving any explanations.

 thinly veiled allegations against China on cyber attacks without any evidence

 outrageous condemnation of the governing party of China by MPs and racist attacks against Chinese or Asian people.

 an unfrendlcy or antagonistic report on China by media, poisoning the atmospheer of bilateral relations.