The witch hunt started in the United States as the most ideological measures adopted by the neo-Puritans within the Biden administration are rejected by public opinion.

Only 45% of US citizens approve of halting wall construction along the Mexican border. While only 42% are in favour of receiving immigrants from those Muslim countries where US embassies do not have an appropriate vetting process [1].

International Olympic Committee members are baffled over President Biden’s decision to allow each athlete to choose the category, male or female, in which he or she intends to compete. Some are even considering setting testosterone thresholds for female competitors.

Several hundred people, sitting on the 42 Pentagon advisory committees, have been asked to resign or they will be fired before the end of the month. Most of them were appointed during the last two months of the Trump administration. This is the largest purge in the history of the Pentagon, including at the height of the Cold War, during the McCarthyism era (1953-54).

The House of Representatives is formally seeking a way to impeach Georgia’s new representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, for implying that no planes hit the Pentagon on 11 September 2001 and that the attacks were not perpetrated by Al- Qaeda, but by a faction of the US deep state (Thierry Meyssan’s theory [2]). Republican Minority Leader Mitch Mc-Connell promply announced that he does not endorse her "lies" and will not stand up for her.

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger is raising funds to stymie former President Donald Trump’s influence in the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (photo) tabled a resolution on 2 February 2021 to compel the FBI to investigate the QAnon movement, portrayed as a threat to Democracy, and to criminalize it. Simultaneously, the mainstream media are carrying out a smear campaign to curtail QAnon’s political reach and to depict it as an anti-pedophile sect.

[1Source: Yahoo/YouGov Survey, 20 and 22 January 2021.

[2L’Effroyable imposture suivie du Pentagate, Thierry Meyssan, Demi-Lune, 2002.