Pubic company Electricité du Liban (EDL) has begun to scale down its production (currently six hours a day). It has announced that, due to lack of resources, it will shut down all activity no later than 22 June 2021.

On Friday, 14 May 2021, Turkish floating powerstations of Zouk and Jiyé suspended their operations. They had not been paid for 18 months and were bogged down by the Beirut prosecutor in the context of a corruption investigation. EDL already owes Turkish company Karpowership $ 180 million.

Lebanese power plants can no longer pay for fuel. Parliament has repealed Law 215/2021 which would have allowed the necessary funds to be drawn from the Central Bank.

On 22 June, elevators will grind to a halt, as will air conditioners. It will be impossible to charge cell phones or work with computers.

A limited reserve may nevertheless be provided for certain hospitals.

The privileged will still be able to buy gasoline and produce their private electricity with generators. But the third of the population, who is already hunger-ridden, will never have access to it.