The West is supportive of a military regime in Lebanon. As we pointed out in July 2020 [1], the United States would like to see the Christian commander of the army, General Joseph Aoun (unrelated to the current President of the Republic) [photo] become President of the Republic . This would enable them to retain influence in the country, which is poised to fall within the Russian zone of influence after the parliamentary elections.

The US now appears to accept the idea of having the current Director of General Security, Shiite General Abbas Ibrahim (close to Syria) serve as the speaker of Parliament, although previously Washington had attempted to advance the date of the legislative election to prevent him from running as a candidate.

In addition, the US is thinking of having the post of Prime Minister filled by the director of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), Sunni Imad Osman.

An operation is being contemplated that would maintain the appearance of democracy and avoid the trappings of a military coup. Of course, that would require amending the Constitution or simply violating it ... once more. The legislative elections planned to take place under the control of the French army would greatly facilitate this sleight of hand.

[1Lebanon faced with its responsibilities”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 22 July 2020.