The Russian military-industrial complex is in the throes of a severe crisis due to the bankruptcy of JSC Spetsremont.

Several units are expected to shut down shortly:

 50th Automobile Repair Plant, Rostov-on-Don
 258th Filling and Transport Equipment Repair Plant, Bataysk.
 751st Repair Plant, Rostov, Yaroslavl region
 5th Automobile Repair Plant, Yekaterinburg
 88th Central Automobile Repair Plant in Chita
 15th Central Automobile Repair Plant, Novosibirsk
 172nd Automobile Repair Plant, Voronezh
 9th Automobile Repair and Ceramic Armor Plant, Saratov and Engels
 487th Automobile Repair Plant, Republic of Bashkortostan
 81st Central Engineer Base, Yaroslavl Region
 1st Drawing Bureau, Moscow
 85th Repair Plant, Bryansk
 261st Repair Plant, Novgorod

Officers have commented on the corruption within these factories, which generated difficulties for the upkeep of military vehicles.

It is in this context that the dismissal of General Dmitri Bulgakov on 24 September must be construed. He was in charge of logistics at the Ministry of Defence.

According to the Russian officers familiar with the matter, the logistical problem can still be fixed quickly, but time is running out.