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Contents of N°24:

 Editorial: Iranian-Saudi normalization could bring peace to the Middle East
 Washington deprives the EU of Russian hydrocarbons but keeps importing them
 Controversy surrounding actor Steven Seagal
 For Kanye West blacks are the true descendants of the Hebrews
 President Biden scatters classified documents
 Big Pharma relied on Twitter to protect its super profits
 Republican law proposals
 Antony Blinken supports freedom of conscience
 Douglas Wise does not recognize his mistake
 Pentagon coordination with Ukrainian armies
 A former secretary of President Felipe Calderon’s tried in the US
 Planned Attack against Francia Marquez
 Anderson Torres allegedly planned a coup in Brazil
 Venezuela pursues rebellious pro-Western politicians
 France lectures Russia
 The French Left against the rich
 Belgium limits the investigation into the corruption of European bodies
 German industry hopes to meet NATO ammunition needs
 Poland fears Russian victory in Ukraine
 The EU and NATO plan to massively increase military spending
 Respublika Srpska does not think like the EU
 Censorship on the bombing of a civilian building in Dnipro
 Ukrainian interior minister dies
 Ukrainian army distributes fake document falsely attributed to Orthodox Church
 The CIA retrospectively claims to have saved President Zelensky
 Russian Chief of Staff takes command of the operation in Ukraine
 Wagner takes on Soledar
 Controversy in the case of Russian soldiers killed at Makiivka
 Uncertainty around the Russian law penalizing homosexual propaganda
 Russian airlines victims of Western “sanctions”
 Investigation of the Mariupol Massacres
 Russia commissions nuclear underwater drones
 Transformation of the Russian army
 Russia wants to try Merkel and Hollande before a new Nuremberg Tribunal
 Who is spy Paul Whelan?
 CIA concerned about Wagner’s presence in Libya
 Tunisian opposition does not strengthen after the elections
 Bezalel Smotrich displays his homophobia
 Israel’s Supreme Court recommends the resignation of a Shaas minister
 Qatar opposes reconciliation between Hamas and Syria
 UN General Assembly condemns Israeli retaliation against the Palestinian Authority
 Israeli hostage Abera Mengistu still alive
 Greece condemns Israeli company Intellexa
 Danny Danon prepares the annexation of the West Bank
 Drug trafficking threatens Lebanon’s security
 Hezbollah will soon have 200,000 militiamen
 Qatar predicts a return of Russian gas to the EU
 Emirati oil director to chair COP28
 Iran deploys its Navy off the coast of the US
 New version of the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
 Iranian armies acquire Russian fighter jets
 Forced resignation of Vietnamese president
 Tensions between South Korea and Iran
 China’s population is declining but its economy keeps growing
 Washington tries to ban exports from Xinjiang
 Beijing reframes its ties with Washington
 Fumio Kishida prepares the next G7
 Japan beats the drum against China

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