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This diversity is all the more essential as the Gaza massacre is presented to us in an unambiguous manner; as we do not perceive the division of Hamas between the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of the Palestinian Resistance nor that of Israel between nationalists and supporters of Jewish supremacism; As Iran enters the war, the reactions of the majority of the world are hidden from us.

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Contents of N°77 - 8 March 2024


0597 Gangs take on political power in Haiti


0598 CentCom commander on tour of the Greater Middle East
0599 Kamala Harris plays Gaza’s ’bad cop’
0600 Benny Gantz secures Washington’s support against Benjamin Netanyahu
0601 Washington condemns Israeli spyware company
0602 Congress Could Rescind Liability Waiver for Pharmaceutical Companies That Made Covid19 mRNA Drugs
0603 Nicaragua files ICJ complaint against Germany
0604 Javier Milei ready for confrontation with his parliament


0605 George Galloway re-elected to the House of Commons
0606 France enshrines the right to abortion in its constitution
0607 German army considers weapons needed for Ukraine to destroy Kerch bridge
0608 Viktor Orbán signals the end of Western hegemony
0609 Petr Pavel to Ukraine’s rescue
0610 The EU should create a provisional free trade area with Ukraine and Moldova
0611 For Russia, Sweden and Denmark have acknowledged that it was the US that sabotaged Nord Stream
0612 NATO members’ ambassadors in Moscow against Russia


0613 Negotiations on Palestine in Cairo
0614 Egyptian concern over General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood
0615 In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is reluctant to change its strategy
0616 Morocco does not benefit from its normalization with Israel
0617 Libyan mediation of Sudanese conflict fails
0618 Macky Sall gives up
0619 Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger create joint anti-jihadist force


0620 IDF massacres 112 people during food distribution
0621 Jewish settlers begin to invade the Gaza Strip
0622 UNRWA prepares report on torture by IDF
0623 Chain Resignation of Israeli Propaganda Officials
0624 Mohammad Barakeh denounces the collective responsibility of those who support Israeli massacres
0625 Committee to Protect Journalists denounces Israeli killings of journalists
0626 50 international journalists demand access to Gaza Strip
0627 Yoav Gallant clashes again with Benjamin Netanyahu
0628 Avigdor Lieberman calls for early parliamentary elections
0629 Israeli protests against Benjamin Netanyahu
0630 Benjamin Netanyahu for Muslim freedom of worship
0631 Israel accuses UNRWA again
0632 Itamar Ben-Gvir calls for action against Benny Gantz
0633 Jewish Power party calls for tougher anti-terror law
0634 In Israel, prisoners in cages
0635 Jordan and the U.S. drop some meals on Gaza’s beaches
0636 All Palestinian factions gather in Moscow
0637 Roni Strier says Israeli government cannot absolve itself of responsibility
0638 Islamic Resistance in Lebanon targets IDF
0639 Mohammad Raad awaits Israel’s mistake
0640 Hamas calls on US to stop delivering weapons to Israel
0641 U.S. fails to reach separate peace in Lebanon
0642 Dutch and Spanish Special Forces undercover in Lebanon
0643 Abdullah II worried about ban on celebrating Ramadan in Al-Quds
0644 Canada and the Netherlands vs. Syria at the ICJ
0645 Syria refrains from intervening
0646 Iran claims share of Durra gas
0647 Iran seizes U.S. oil
0648 Ansar Allah threatens British ships
0649 Anglo-Saxons cut off communications in Yemen
0650 Ansar Allah revises its strategy
0651 Iranians shun the ballot box
0652 Lithium in Kazakhstan
0653 Bharat strengthens its presence in the Indian Ocean
0654 PTI challenges election of Pakistan Assembly Speaker
0655 Sino-Filipino clash on second Thomas Shoal
0656 South Korea Again Accuses North Korea of Hacking Its Servers
0657 The "Moon Cult" Scandal Stalls in Japan


0658 Volker Turk revives rumor of Chinese crimes in Xinjiang
0659 Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus outraged by bombing of civilian tents in Gaza
0660 UN Women denounces war on women in Gaza
0661 ASEAN and Australia reaffirm their commitment to a ’rules-based world’