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Contents of N°26:

Editorial: The great purge has begun in Ukraine
 Pfizer’s experiments with Covid
 The US no longer knows how to defend religious freedom in Ukraine
 Biden administration refuses to explain its policy on Mexican border
 A sitting US general warns about an attack by China
 The Rockefeller against gas stoves
 The Federation of American Scientists is not what it used to be
 Will Congress raise the maximum ceiling on US public debt?
 The end of gasoline cars in the US means a global environment devastation
 Hunter Biden demands prosecution of Rudolph Giuliani and Steve Bannon for invasion of his privacy
 Pentagon successfully tests a small hypersonic missile
 Mexico will not send weapons to Ukraine
 Who committed a coup in Peru?
 Colombia will not send weapons to Ukraine
 Jair Bolsonaro remains in the USA
 Brazil will not send weapons to Ukraine
 Argentina will not send weapons to Ukraine
 Dismissal of British Conservative Party chairman
 After Merkel and Hollande, Boris Johnson confirms that the Minsk agreements were not aimed at peace in Ukraine
 The United Kingdom has fought 83 wars since 1945
 The British administration mismanages Brexit
 Polish PM discusses partition of Ukraine
 Polish personalities discuss Chechnya’s independence
 Poland accuses Russia of building new camps and does not invite it to Auschwitz celebrations
 Ukrainians destroyed their own country after independence
 Hungary nominates Recep Tayyip Erdogan for Nobel Peace Prize
 General Petr Pavel new Czech President
 Atlanticist Petr Pavel calls for peace negotiations in Ukraine
 Croatia will not send weapons to Ukraine
 The EU does not understand the difference between "International Law" and "rules-based international order"
 NATO is ready for World War
 Pentagon’s secret interest in Ukraine
 Russia excluded from the Olympics?
 Kremlin classifies its economic statistics
 Dissolution of the Moscow Helsinki Group
 Latvian media outlet Meduza banned in Russia
 Blagodatnoye liberated in Donbass
 Western sanctions benefit Moscow
 Egyptian-Indian rapprochement
 Dissolution of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights
 Sudanese-Ethiopian reconciliation
 French defamation against Kenya and Tanzania
 Pentagon eliminates Daesh leader in Somalia
 M23 takes Kitchanga in DRC
 Rwanda shoots down Congolese plane
 Israeli-Palestinian escalation
 Benjamin Netanyahu wants to distribute weapons to Israeli Jewish civilians
 Israeli economists against Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies
 Supreme Court Justices against Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies
 Russia appreciates Israeli neutrality in Ukraine
 Who is behind Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies?
 Towards a drastic limitation of the right to strike in Israel
 OPCW accuses Syria of using chemical weapons in 2018
 Regime Change in Turkmenistan
 Kyrgyzstan to ban Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
 Pakistani-Russian reconciliation
 Bhutan-China talks
 Drug development in Myanmar
 NATO engages South Korea against Russia
 China’s PLA upgrades its fighter Jets
 "Lunar New Year" or "Chinese New Year"?
 Australian Day protest
 Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses Australians