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Contents of N°30:

Editorial: 400 Israeli settlers destroy a Palestinian village
 U.S. recalls its nationals to Russia
 U.S. armies can’t recruit
 Ajay Banga next World Bank Director
 Republican pre-primaries
 US Treasury blocks documents incriminating Hunter and James Biden
 House requires evidence of sincerity of senior national security officials
 The US exports its know-how to China
 US expert shows Congress that the PRC wants to destroy capitalism
 The People’s Republic of China manipulates Hollywood
 Mark Zuckerberg influenced the electoral system
 Russiagate backfires
 Origin of Covid-19
 The limits of US generosity
 Mayor of New York against separation of church and state
 US Chamber against the obligation of ethical investments
 EU finally accepts Brexit
 France reorganizes its military bases in Africa
 Recession fears in Germany
 Petition and demonstration in Germany against war in Ukraine
 Germany against the policy of the Israeli coalition
 German liberals against banning petrol vehicles
 Demonstration in Zurich against war in Ukraine
 Denmark abolishes a public holiday to fund its Defense
 Poland is gradually closing its Belarusian border
 Global public opinion doesn’t judge war in Ukraine the same way everywhere
 Westerners vs. TikTok
 Finland prepares for NATO membership
 ECHR could confiscate ’seized’ Russian assets
 US Treasury could confiscate ’seized’ Russian assets
 Ukraine attacks St. Petersburg
 Two political parties banned in Algeria
 Iran and Algeria want to use Mauritania against Morocco
 Tunisia becomes racist
 Risk of famine in Lake Chad Basin
 Sudanese power is divided
 Opaque election in Nigeria
 Washington imposes the pursuit of the "two-state solution" on President Abbas
 Resignation of Deputy Minister for Jewish Identity
 Hezbollah has nothing to do with Sheikh Rifai’s murder
 New revelations on Riad Salamé’s embezzlement
 Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union breaks Syria’s isolation
 Saudi-Syrian negotiations
 Saudi Arabia and Kuwait demand that the Arab military withdraw from the economy
 New divisions in Iraqi Kurdistan
 Saudi Arabia helps the people of Ukraine and soon of Donbass
 Complaint against TotalEnergies’ activities in Yemen
 Turkish public opinion turns against President Erdogan
 EU interferes in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict
 New fall of the Iranian rial
 Attacks on girls’ schools in Iran
 Iraqi mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran
 Indian covert operations against Pakistan
 Pakistan tries to solve Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan problem with Afghanistan
 New leadership in Vietnam
 US representative calls for end to Korean War
 Risk of famine in North Korea
 Japan conditions its aid to North Korea
 China’s 12-point Proposal for Peace in Ukraine