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Contents of N°87


• 1215 The UNGA overwhelmingly calls for Palestine’s UN full membership


• 1216 Antony Blinken has seen no credible Israeli plan to ensure the security of Gazans
• 1217 Washington’s Proposals to Reorient the IDF from the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine to the Fight Against the Hamas Branch Allied to the Resistance
• 1218 AIPAC Calls for Resumption of Arms Shipments to Israel
• 1219 The U.S. Armed Forces are not capable of waging high-intensity wars
• 1220 China did not interfere in the 2020 presidential election
• 1221 Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito condemn the loss of values in the United States
• 1222 The election of José Raul Mulino may have been favored by Washington


• 1223 The United Kingdom participated in "Operation Omega" of torture and murder in Afghanistan
• 1224 David Cameron does not want to interrupt British arms deliveries to Israel
• 1225 France on the way to Latin-Americanization
• 1226 Kanaks demand their independence
• 1227 German court rules that AfD surveillance is legitimate
• 1228 Assassination attempt on Robert Fico
• 1229 Estonia does not plan to send troops to Ukraine
• 1230 Josep Borrell defends UNRWA
• 1231 Josep Borell condemns a possible Israeli attack on the civilian population of Rafah
• 1232 Josep Borrell comments on the UNGA vote on Palestine’s membership
• 1233 European Council releases financial aid to Ukraine before the end of Zelensky’s mandate
• 1234 European Council takes unilateral coercive measures against Iran
• 1235 Strange "democracy" of the European Parliament
• 1236 Aleksandar Vucic wants to take a step towards Ukraine
• 1237 Washington threatens Tbilisi
• 1238 CIA vs. Soros’ men in Armenia and Georgia
• 1239 Volodymyr Zelensky tries to escape prosecution on 22 May by removing Ukraine from certain articles of the European Convention on Human Rights
• 1240 ’Integral Nationalists’ Take Antony Blinken’s Rock Concert Badly
• 1241 The Russian army closes in on Kharkov
• 1242 Andrei Belousov, new Russian Minister of Defense


• 1243 Israel violated the Camp David Accords
• 1244 Yoweri Museveni establishes a dynasty
• 1245 Laurent Gbagbo agrees to run in the 2025 presidential election
• 1246 Ali Bongo files a complaint against his successor


• 1247 Credit rating agencies downgrade Israel
• 1248 Israeli government divided over Gaza and "The Day After"
• 1249 Israeli society divided over Haredim conscription
• 1250 Itamar Ben-Gvir makes humanitarian aid to Gaza’s civilian population conditional on the return of Israeli hostages and prisoners of war
• 1251 2024 Israel Prize winners call on Benjamin Netanyahu not to give in to white supremacists
• 1252 According to The Times, Hamas is preparing to set up a base in Türkiye to assassinate Israeli leaders and personalities
• 1253 Hassan Nasrallah receives a Hamas delegation
• 1254 First repatriation of Syrians from Lebanon
• 1255 Attempt to prepare a coup d’état in Jordan
• 1256 Iraq increases its oil reserves
• 1257 The United Arab Emirates will not help Israel commit its crimes in Palestine
• 1258 Russia denounces the illegality of the Anglo-Saxon war against Ansar Allah
• 1259 Sheikh Meshaal al-Ahmad Al-Sabah dissolves the new Kuwaiti Parliament
• 1260 Recep Tayyip Erdogan transforms Holy Savior-in-Chora into a mosque
• 1261 Türkiye treats wounded Palestinian resistance fighters
• 1262 Iranian doctors had established the effectiveness of Ivermectin against Covid-19
• 1263 Arvind Kejriwal, released for the duration of his electoral campaign
• 1264 US war against China in Myanmar
• 1265 The British National Security Law is tougher than that of Hong Kong
• 1266 Japan reacts to US propaganda
• 1267 First judicial confession in the case of Japanese secret funds