Peace is resolving the issues without violence or ignoring the conventional rules. The Rule of Law is a life in common based upon well-defined rules of the game. This is applicable at the national level, but it should also be so at the internationally. The survival of the fittest should not prevail, although certain organizations have sort of a monopoly of the force. A conflict between two countries should be resolved through an organization like the United Nations that Austria should support. I would not recommend for Europe the model of Austrian neutrality, which has its specific historical reasons. Neutrality is not a product that could be exported. It is not a paradox that Austria could also intervene due to its capacity as member of the European Union, even though it could only do so in peace operations. I would request that this could only be done under the U.N. The Parliament has the chance to make statements on this matter.
I have stated that force should not be used excessively, although I would not like to be misinterpreted. Obviously, we have to ensure the security of our compatriots, but we have to maintain our mind cold and not go into a war of civilizations or religions. As recalled by the Ministry of Interior and other authorities, threat is less likely in our country. Just like Tony Blair, I think that hatred is unnecessary now. Hope is needed instead.

Der Standard (Austria)

Nicht auf einen Krieg der Religionen hinsteuern”, by Heinz Fischer, Der Standard, July 11, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.