Everybody regrets something. When I was young I could witness Biafra’s extreme poverty and when I analyze my past I realize I didn’t do enough to combat it. As Minister of Finances or Prime Minister I did my best to preserve the funds granted to development assistance. But, in a retrospective way, I regret not having done more. Of course, I have multiple excuses (the refusal of the Parliament to grant additional sums, other urgent problems..., etc.) but this is not enough for my conscience.
We still don’t use enough funds for the development aid. Rich countries donate 50 billion dollars to help the poor countries and 350 billion for agricultural subsidies. Fighting terrorism is something we have done well but at the same time we should be fighting poverty. If we don’t do anything, the situation in the world will be worse for conflicts will spread as economic conditions worsen. The misappropriation of funds is not an excuse to stop helping Africa.
Trade development is not enough either. Big enterprises and the G-8 leaders must prove liberalism has a heart.

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

I did care, but I didn’t do enough”, by John Major, The Guardian, July 6, 2005.