I just met with the Iranian president in New York and he has asserted that Iran wanted to continue with the negotiation process with the European troika. It was on this basis that we had our discussions. We are willing to coordinate our actions with those of the Europeans and Americans. Our positions are very close. Whatever the case might be, we have a common position about one issue: we all strongly oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and this applies to Iran’s case.
At the moment, Iran is cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and we look forward to continuing the common work. Those who are familiar with the international law should know that any permanent member of the Security Council has the right, on its own initiative, to submit a problem to the UN Security Council. It is as if it were a full-fledged fact. If the IAEA commented on this matter, we would collaborate with the members of the Security Council. The more inflexible we stand, the bigger chances for problems to come up and then, we run the risk to end up in a dead-end.
It is undeniable that Iran has made a lot of mistakes as to its relations with the IAEA and it has acknowledged so. It has shown to us the works being undertaken nowadays and its cooperation with the inspections. I hope Iran will keep this attitude.

Iran.ru (Russian Federation)

РФ готова координировать с США и ЕС действия по ядерной поблеме Ирана″, by Vladimir Putin, Iran.ru, September 18, 2005. Text adapted from excerpts of an interview given to Fox news.