The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership was created according to the logic of evolution and not revolution. Quietly, it has had enviable success and has developed itself.
In the current international context, the partnership is essential to face the instability of some countries and the declining States where new regional crisis are developing. Ideological radicalisation and terrorism have privatized war and some Mediterranean cities have paid a high price. In addition, global problems such as poverty or the deterioration of the global environment must be addressed. These challenges show that the line between foreign and domestic policy is increasingly narrower and therefore, some problems cannot be solved by one country alone. In this context, the Euro-Mediterranean policy is quite important for Europe. Actually, the major challenges converge in the Mediterranean zone, that is to say, peace, security and war against terrorism, development, respect for Human Rights, environmental protection, education and immigration.
The 10th anniversary of the Barcelona partnership is an opportunity to assess its work and to accept challenges. Our programme of work has given priority to three main topics: Human Rights and democracy, growth and sustainable economic liberalization, and education. From 2007, we’ll provide economic assistance to those countries willing to implement political democratic reforms. We want to develop the wealth of the South by creating a regional market and we want to encourage South-South integration. Education is also important for us. In fact, a third of the population of our Mediterranean partners is less than 15 years old and consequently, represents a powerful resource for the future.
These challenges demand maturity and the continuity of the relationship between Europe and its Mediterranean partners.

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