Le Figaro, reference newspaper for the French right-wing, described the resumption of the Iranian civil nuclear program as a “non-return” point. By interpreting the statements from the IAEA director, the Nobel Prize Winner Mohamed El Baradei, the newspaper ascertained that the abovementioned UN agency is rightly willing to sanction Iran.

In an article entitled “Nucléaire: nouvelle provocation de Téhéran”, the daily, owned by the manufacturer of Dassault planes, indicated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has “taken a decisive step in the conflict against the West”, by deciding to ignore international warnings. Once again, the diplomatic way would be compromised by Iran’s unilateral decisions.

On the other hand, the article reminded that the IAEA and the European Troika have been patient enough and the resumption of the “conversion of uranium in Ispahán plant” in August 2005 did not involve any sanction: thus, “the anger” of the “West” and the IAEA would be fully justified.

Like most of its Atlantist colleagues, the newspaper failed to mention that the continuation of the Iranian nuclear program is a right, ensured by the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Le Figaro report is based on a brief quote from Mohamed El Baradei who would stigmatize Iran:
“My patience has a limit, and also that of the international community, the credibility of the verification process is at stake”. By doing this, the newspaper got mixed up, and forgot that El Baradei himself stated this summer that the “US-European demands were beyond the Non-Proliferation Treaty”.

And the daily continued with its initial impulse: “If Iran does not withdraw its initiative, the next stage barely leaves little room for doubts: The Board of Governors, the executive body of the IAEA, would be convened for a special session to come up with an ultimatum on Iran: to immediately stop its nuclear activities, or the issue will be discussed in New York”.