The "Call to Patriotism" has been the leading political program on Libyan national television since the start of the war. It is broadcast nearly every day and is hosted by Yousif Shakeer, a respected journalist and former enemy of Gaddafi, but who currently stands for national unity in the face of foreign aggression.

The programme is aired live from the basement of the Raixos Hotel, where the international press, so that NATO will not dare bomb the studio.

A group of investigators associated with Voltaire Network now in Libya. Thierry Meyssan, Chairman of the non-aligned aligned press network, was the program’s special guest on 27 June 2011.

However, one minute before going on the air, NATO launched a guided missile on the radio relay station.

The explosion took place near Bab Al-Azizia square, which has turned into a camping ground for anti-NATO protesters since the outbreak of the hostilities. Libyan engineers managed to improvise another relay antenna and the program finally went on one and a half hours late. Several reruns were scheduled and it will soon be accessible on the internet.

The deliberate destruction of civilian installations is an international crime. According to the Alliance, the costly high-tech bombing was not targeting a relay antenna, but a mirador.

Four years ago, the United States declared that Thierry Meyssan represented a threat to their national security and, by virtue of Article 5 of the Treaty, it requested its NATO allies to "neutralize" him. Since then, he has been the object of an abduction attempt and several assassination bids, although the sponsors could not be clearly identified.

It is not known whether the missile which was used in vain to prevent the revolutionary intellectual from speaking to the Libyan people was fired by the French army or by another section of the Coalition of the Willing.