During a television appearance to promote his film dedicated, in his own words, to the Libyan miracle, lobbyist Bernard-Henri Lévy violently lashed out against Vitaly Churkin, the ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Nations [1]

"Some people are real idiots ... I was just reading a dispatch from AFP or Reuters ... the Russian ambassador to the United Nations said that they will soon reveal the confession of those who actually armed the Syrian rebels. Fool! Moron! Always the same idea, a conspiracy. "

"The real conspiracy is the one I am discussing here: people who lived through Bosnia with a burning heart and who did not want to see it repeated [in Libya and Syria]".

Considering that war is part of a political strategy would be to embrace a conspiracy theory. On the contrary, for aesthetics like BHL, wars should be viewed as an art form: pure emotional reactions on the part political leaders acting as autonomous individuals, not as representatives of collective interests.