Claude Covassi, founder of Mécanopolis, died at the age of 42.

A Swiss domestic intelligence officer (Service for Analysis and Prevention), he had been tasked to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood (Operation Memphis). Thereafter, his superiors reportedly ordered him to organize a bomb attack that would have been attributed to Hani Ramadan, director of the Geneva Islamic Center. He then rebelled, refusing to become involved in a despicable act. By now a hunted man, after being chased across Spain and Egypt, he finally succeeded in obtaining an investigation into the matter by a parliamentary commission. In the end, the commission members opted for an amicable settlement of the case, thereby averting prosecution for both him and the SAP.

Thereafter Claude Covassi worked for a security company organizing survival training courses.

For the past year and a half, he used his background to investigate the role of the PJAK and the KLA in drug trafficking in Europe. PJAK is a Kurdish organization which boasts numerous terrorist attacks in Iran. It is funded by the U.S., Israel and Germany and has a lobbying firm in Brussels. The KLA is a Kosovar organization whose leader became Prime Minister of the unrecognized state of Kosovo. He ignited a terror campaign in Serbia (1997-1999), whose repression served to justify the NATO intervention. Its commandos were trained by German special forces on a NATO base in Turkey.

For four months, Claude Covassi was under intense pressure to dissuade him from continuing his investigation. On November 19, the Swiss daily Le Temps attacked him in a lead article for no reason linked to the news, but just to highlight that Thierry Meyssan had invited him to Iran (where his
his research on the PJAK began).

This week Claude Covassi was due to release the findings of its investigation. He didn’t get the opportunity. He was found dead in his bed at home. According to the Geneva police, his death was due to a cocaine overdose. At this stage, there is no evidence to indicate that he absorbed the drug willingly or by force, or whether the PJAK and the KLA were implicated in any way.

Claude Covassi was our dear friend and comrade. We were in regular contact with him and were following his work closely. Voltaire Network presents its condolences to his family and friends.