Bernard Cazeneuve

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (photo) has told the Paris daily Le Figaro that the terror cell seen in action this week had been the “object of surveillance” by police in the time just before the Jan. 5 attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. One of the patsies had served 18 months in jail in connection with guerrilla activities against US forces in Iraq almost a decade ago. The cell had been rounded up for questioning more recently for their armed plot to spring the Algerian terrorist Belkacem (GIA, Armed Islamic Group) from prison, where he was serving time for bombing the Paris subways in 1995. Some of these patsies were on the US no fly list. One patsy had made a tape pledging allegiance to ISIS, while another claimed to hold the Paris franchise of the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). One patsy had traveled to Yemen for training with the US double agent Anwar Awlaki (infamous as the CIA lackey), making it likely that he too had been recruited as a CIA double agent. As one observer commented, “Que l’on installe un détecteur de taupes Place Beauvau” — time for a mole detector at the Interior Ministry.

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