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Washington is considering the restoration of the monarchy in Libya


The New York Times has evoked the possibility of restoration of the monarchy in Libya to bring the country out of the current chaos. [1]

In 2011, the original NATO plan called for bringing King Mohammed el-Senussi to power (photo). Washington had also chosen as the flag of the "revolution" that of former King Idris, historic collaborator with the Anglo-Saxons against the Arab nationalist movements. This project was supported by Cyrenaica, but violently rejected by Tripolitania and Fezzan.

Installed in power in Benghazi by the British Army, King Idriss was the emir of the Senussi order, a Sufi born in Saudi Arabia and very close to Wahhabism.

[1] “A Radical Idea to Rebuild a Shattered Libya : Restore the Monarchy”, Declan Walsh, The New York Times, February 24, 2016.

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