On the morning of the Brussels bombings of March 22, 2016, The Star (a Turkish newspaper which functions as the semi-official news organ of the Turkish dictator) headline with the accusation: “Belgium A Terrorist State” Pictures showed Kurdish flags with accusations that Belgium was supporting what The Star called Kurdish terrorism.
On March 23, a special edition of Erdogan’s semiofficial newspaper The Star reports the bombings in Brussels by gloating: “Belgium has been bitten by the snake she was feeding in her breast.” The reference is to Erdogan’s earlier speech of March 18, where he developed the snake metaphor as a clear threat to Belgium.

Thierry Meyssan reports from Damascus that Turkish President Erdogan is now widely regarded as the prime suspect in the March 22 terrorist bombing of Brussels, Belgium and its nearby airport. Meyssan also points to emerging evidence that would implicate Erdogan in the Paris massacre of last November 13.

According to Meyssan, the chain of events leading to these tragic events goes back to 2011, when the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé entered into a secret accord with then Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu for the purpose of carving a new and artificial state, out of northern Syria. This meeting occurred during the first year of the Syrian war, when Erdogan and Davutoglu were still counting on an early disintegration of the government of President Assad.

The new artificial state was to be called “Kurdistan,” but it was to be located on Syrian territory stolen from that country. To populate this new state, the Turkish government was preparing an enormous campaign of ethnic cleansing, deportations, and expulsions designed to expel virtually all Kurds from its territory. The original agreement reached in the talks between Juppé and Davutoglu was reportedly confirmed at a subsequent higher-level conference with the participation of French President Hollande, the then Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, and a renegade Kurdish leader – specifically Salih Muslim Muhammad, co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party, a political formation among the Syrian Kurds.

One of the groups most disadvantaged by this arrangement was the Syrian Kurds, but they were able to fight back by defeating the ISIS terrorists during the siege of Kobane, a Syrian Kurdish town on the Turkish border. The during late 2014 and early 2015, the Kobane Kurds, with some US air support, administered one of the first defeats which the ISIS butchers had experienced. Because the YPG Kurds have proven effective, the US decided to back them as a proxy against ISIS. France, seeing the new US attitude, decided to delay the implementation of the earlier “Kurdistan” plan, and maintain alignment with Washington.

It is now clear to many observers that the November 13, 2015 Paris massacres represented the response of the Erdogan clique to these developments. Erdogan had originally intended to use the Paris massacres as a pretext for scapegoating the Kurds and beginning their expulsion from Turkish territory. But, starting in October 2015, and with the deployment of the Russian Air Force to Syrian bases, Erdogan once again was forced to delay his “Kurdistan” scenario. Almost as soon as the Russian planes arrived, the Turkish MIT secret intelligence agency was widely blamed for the destruction of a Russian commercial airliner over the Sinai district of Egypt. Then there was the Turkish downing of a Russian Sukhoi jet fighter. Erdogan was unable to see the initiative.

Now, during March 2016, Russian President Putin has announced the beginning of a gradual drawdown of Russian forces in Syria. But at the same time, there is an understanding between Obama’s White House and Putin’s Kremlin that everyone must be ousted as the president of Turkey.

Meyssan confirmed last week’s reports that Russian and US weapons are now flowing into the hands of the YPG Syrian Kurds, the victors of Kobane and other recent actions. Some of these weapons are being passed on by the YPG into the hands of the PKK, a Kurdish group, which operates inside Turkey, and which Ankara insists on defining as terrorist.

In the meantime, Erdogan’s blackmail of the European Union over the issue of refugees fleeing from the Syrian war zone has proven successful in the form of an EU commitment to pay €3 billion per year to Erdogan. The money is allegedly to be used to defray the expenses of housing large numbers of Syrian refugees in Anatolia, but it is an open secret that this money will be used by Erdogan to finance the continuation of ISIS operations in Iraq and Syria.

Terrorist attacks took place inside Turkey, on March 13 in Ankara and on March 19 in Istanbul.

March 18, if the Turkish President delivered a special address for the 101st anniversary of the Anglo-French operation against Gallipoli during World War I. Here Erdogan made a public show of indignation about a recent demonstration by pro-Kurdish groups in Brussels, Belgium, during last week’s EU-Turkish refugee summit there, an action which sought to focus public attention on Turkish human rights abuses.

Accusing the European Union, and especially Belgium of supporting the PKK, Erdogan claimed that the EU and Belgium were themselves terrorists

“There is no reason why the bomb that exploded in Ankara cannot explode in Brussels, in any other European city,” raved Erdogan; “The snakes you are sleeping with can bite you any time.”

Note that this represented a direct threat of terrorist violence against Brussels and Belgium just four days before the actual Brussels bombing. On this basis alone, Erdogan would have to be considered the prime suspect.

The during the days after the Brussels terror bombing, Turkish newspapers controlled by the Erdogan faction is celebrated what they called the “punishment” of Belgium up by the very terror groups, which had been harbored there.

European leaders remain willfully blind to the real activities of Erdogan and his supporters. The Turkish President is reported to regard the Turks as a master race destined to rule the world. That is his idea of the Caliphate.

Western police and intelligence agencies need to direct special scrutiny towards the Millî Görüs (National Vision) organization, which is especially active among the Turkish diaspora. Erdogan is thought to direct many of the activities of this group.

Erdogan also controls Hizb ut Tahrir (Party of Liberation), an international Pan-Islamist group dedicated to the reconstitution of the Caliphate under Sharia Law and the subsequent conquest of the entire world.

These groups, together with the Moslem Brotherhood (Ikhwan) itself can all be mobilized by Erdogan as a terrorist trifecta for his projects of jihad, intimidation, and aggression.

In another disturbing development, the Turkish dictator is identifying himself more and more with figures from the history of Central Asia like Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan.

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