On the occasion of Victory Day, the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic organised a symphony concert in the ruins of the antique city of Palmyra on the 5th May 2016.

Speaking in duplex, President Putin saluted the common victory of the Allies over Nazism at the end of the Great Patriotic War (in Western terms, the Second World War) and today, that of Russia and Syria over terrorism.

Using cameras flying over the town of Palmyra, the television showed the extent of the damage inflicted by terrorists who were supported by the Western and Gulf powers.

A symphony concert then followed in the antique theatre with the Russian orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, then another with the Syrian National Orchestra, the Mari Orchestra and the Farah Choir.

The city of Palmyra, the «desert city» of Empress Zenobia, is the historic symbol of the resistance against Roman imperialism and a civilisation founded on the cooperation between different religions.

In Russisa, the 5th May is «Victory Day» and in Syria, the 6th May is «Martyrs Day». The festivities were broadcast by both Russian and Syrian television.

Pete Kimberley