Georges Sabra, president of the Syrian National Council and later of the Syrian National Coalition, with french minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius.

Under the presidencies of Johnson and Nixon, the CIA worked on corrupting Communist militants from all over the world, and turning them against Moscow and Beijing. That is how, during the Lebanese civil war, Riyad el-Turki split from the Syrian Communist Party with about fifty militants, including George Sabra and Michel Kilo.

These two did not remain in isolation, but made contact with a small extreme left-wing party in the United States, Social Democrats USA, and affiliated themselves with them.

During the «years of lead» suffered by Syria from 1978 to 1982, due to the terrorist campaign led by the Muslim Brotherhood, George Sabra and Michel Kilo were tasked by the leader of Social Democrats USA, Carl Gershman, to support the Ikwan. They published a text assuring that the world revolution was under way, that the Muslim Brotherhood was the vanguard of the proletariat, and that the United States would bring about the « Grand Soir ». They were then arrested because of their links to terrorists.

In 1982, together with his « Five Eyes » partners - Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom - President Reagan created a new intelligence agency whose assignment was to support the internal opposition of the Communist States, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

He disguised this intergovernmental agency as a «NGO», and arranged for it to be financed directly by Congress, and not by the Federal government, although it figured on the budget line of the State Departement. He entrusted the direction of NED to Carl Gershman.

The militants of this Trotskyist party followed him in his journey from the extreme left to the right wing of the Republican Party. Among them were a group of journalists from the Zionist magazine Commentary, who entered into History under the designation of «neo-conservatives», and a few intellectuals, like Paul Wolfowitz, future Assistant Secretary of Defense.

The meeting point between this extreme anti-Soviet left wing and US imperialism was found in the notion of «global revolution». The Trotskyists were given free reign to make it happen, as long as it was anti-Soviet, and not directed against Washington and its allies.

They constituted four branches of the NED, one for the unions, one for the company bosses, the third for the left-wing parties and the fourth for the right-wing parties. In this way, they had the means to support any social faction anywhere in the world.

Currently, the branch aimed at corrupting the right-wing parties, the International Republican Institute (IRI), is directed by Senator John McCain, who is therefore both an opposition Parliamentarian and a servant of the administration to which he is opposed. The branch aimed at corrupting the left-wing parties, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), is directed by ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

During the preparation of the «Arab Spring», the Arab extreme left continued to work with the Muslim Brotherhood – including, for example, Professor Moncef Marzouki, future President of Tunisia, and Professor Burhan Galioun, future President of the Syrian National Council. So we witnessed the latter, a major figure of secularism, writing speeches for the Algerian Abassa Madani, head of the Islamic Salvation Front in exile in Qatar.

The political discourse of this extreme left is founded on amalgams, such as the conviction that all Arab states are the same - equating king Salmane’s Saudi Arabia with President el-Assad’s Syria. The only goverments they respect are those of Washington and Tel-Aviv.

Today, Galioun, Sabra and Kilo are the only left-wing guarantors of the so-called «Syrian revolution» - a phoney left wing, not in the service of Humanity, but in the service of the domination of the world by the United States and Israël.

Pete Kimberley