Demonstrations against the “sanitary pass” are on the rise in Europe. At issue is the discrimination between citizens based on their health status; in other words, those who have received the anti COVID-19 vaccine and those who resist it.

In Paris, two competing events have been scheduled for 11 September 2021. One is organized by Florian Philippot, who began in the world of politics as a member of the left-leaning Citizens’ Movement led by Jean-Pierre Chevenement, who then joined Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Front, and is now running as a republican at the head of his own party The Patriots.

The other is convened by Jérôme Rodriguez, a member of the Yellow Vest Movement who lost an eye in January 2019 at the hands of the police during a demonstration and who was lucky enough to be compensated on in March 2011.

The first of these events aims to promote French sovereignty. The purpose of the second is to gather under the same umbrella all of President Emmanuel Macron’s opponents.

The problem is that the posters for Jérôme Rodriguez’s demonstration are emblazoned with a raised fist. But not just any raised fist: it’s the registered logo of Black Lives Matter, the American racialist organization, and for thirty years, it was displayed as the logo for all the color revolutions orchestrated by the National Endowment for Democracy [1] and Gene Sharp’s minions [2].

Without a doubt, Jérôme Rodriguez’s movement will soon be morphing into something else, while pulling in part of the groups opposed to Macron to the ultimate advantage of the latter, who aspires to be re-elected as president of France in 2022.

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