Sunday Times, 18 November 2018: the British Army has been tasked with getting ready to maintain order in the UK’s big cities by working alongside the police.

Confronted by the EU’s rigidity, it is unlikely Prime Minister Theresa will be unable to reach an agreement with Brussels.

The EU has rejected the British proposal whereby the UK would retain its position in the Common Market but abandon the supranational aspects of the Maastricht Treaty. Panicked that Brexit may have a contagion effect, the EU threatened to reactivate the war of national liberation in Northern Ireland if the United Kingdom did not accept a deal that would dis-incentivize other Member States from leaving.

If the negotiations fail, the pro-EU bourgeoisie could kick off riots.

Operation ‘No Deal’ — army plans for troops on street”, Tim Ripley and Mark Hookham, The Sunday Times, November 18, 2018.

Anoosha Boralessa