Andolu, the official Turkish press agency, has published a map that reveals the military bases of the French troops in Syria.

From the beginning of the 2005 Anglo Saxon operation against Syria, in particular from the beginning of the military operations against the Syrian Arab Republic in 2011, France has been hoping to re-establish a mandate over its former colony. This plan had been clearly articulated by President François Hollande during a trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

According to the map above, published by the Turkish agency on 28 December 2018, France has nine secret military bases in Syria. One of these is in the governorate of Aleppo, in north Manbij. Now, the pro-US Kurds have just appealed to Damascus to fight on their side against the Turkish army. Currently the Syrian troops are taking control of the region, fighting on the side of the pro-US Kurds. Very soon, the French soldiers are going to be encircled by their former allies.

Anoosha Boralessa