When Nicolas Maduro was re-elected the president of Venezuela last May, the United States did not recognize him as such. On the contrary the US has recognized the self-declared, acting president, Juan Guaidó (photo). The US has called on all American states to do the same thing but this time the leader only counts members of the Lima Group among its followers.

Following this, Venezuela has broken off diplomatic ties with the United States.

The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington has now been shut down and all Venezuelan diplomats recalled. Despite the fact the United States only recognizes the government of Juan Guaidó to be the government of Venezuela, it still declares that it maintains diplomatic relations with Venezuela. So all the US is doing for now is reducing its personnel in Caracas and recalling its nationals.

The United States is trying to create a situation which would be allied to a civil war. Why? To justify a military intervention of Latin American countries.

The European Union has still not taken a position. However Spain, already implicated in several attempted coup d’etats in Venezuela and Germany are making a bid to recognizing self-declared interim president.

Anoosha Boralessa