Sources close to Lebanese security assure that several of the anti-government demonstrations are being orchestrated by Turkey through Jamaa Islamiya, the political party affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon.

The Jamaa Islamiya was founded in 1952 by the General Supervisor of the Syrian Brothers in exile in Beirut, Mustafa Siba’i. It was supposedly funded at the time by the Swiss banker François Genoud (Joseph Goebbels’ testamentary executor); today it is bankrolled by the Turkish state.

At the beginning of the protests, the Jamaa Islamiya is believed to have organized the blockade of the road that runs along the southern coast of Lebanon, as well as the one from the Aysha Bakkar Mosque in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second most important city. Most importantly, it appears to be behind the Guardians of the City (Horras al-Madina) a newly created group which has been orchestrating the demonstrations on al-Nour Square in Tripoli and has a powerful infrastructure.

It was on al-Nour Square that Daesh kept its flag raised for two years.