Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly boasted about his country’s terrorist operations in Iran. He furthermore threatened to sabotage the sale of Iranian oil and threatened the Iranian people with nuclear annihilation.

Terrorist acts, economic sabotage and the nuclear threat all violate the Charter of the United Nations, but Israel is the only member state of that organization that does not to abide by its rules, and has not done so for three quarters of a century.

• On Wednesday 29 August 2018, Netanyahu pronounced a speech from the underground nuclear weapons research center located in Dimona, He singled out Iran, emphasizing that "Israel would exhibit all its military strength against Iran," explicitly threatening her with nuclear aggression and "annihilation".

• On 18 December 2018, he admitted to the presence in Iran of Israeli agents, who are involved in terrorist and espionage activities, indicating that they visit Iran on a regular basis.

• On 6 March 2019, speaking at the Haifa Naval Base, he said the navy would play a greater role in blocking the transport of Iranian oil by sea and urged that a stop should be put to it in one way or another.

• On 25 June 2019, he declared that Israel would take “all necessary measures” against Iranian nuclear facilities.

It should be recalled that the UN Security Council lifted all sanctions against Iran and that the International Atomic Energy Agency, after numerous inspections, appraised that Iran’s nuclear program is purely civilian.