We have not received an official response from the United States to our October 16 note with President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to extend the New START Treaty for one year. We have only seen comments made by US officials in the social media. Considering an ambiguous reaction to this situation, we believe it is necessary to clarify the matter.

Russia has proposed extending the New START for one year and is ready to assume a political obligation together with the United States to freeze the sides’ existing arsenals of nuclear warheads during this period. Our proposal can only and exclusively be implemented on the understanding that the United States will not advance any additional conditions with regard to freezing the arsenals. If this suits Washington, the time gained through the extension of the New START could be used to hold comprehensive bilateral talks on the future of nuclear missile control, with the mandatory discussion of all factors that can influence strategic stability.

We hope to receive an official response to our October 16 note.