Pursuant to the outcomes of the forty-first Summit of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) – the “Sultan Qaboos and Sheikh Sabah Summit” – held on 21 Jumada I A.H. 1442, corresponding to 5 January 2021, in Ula governorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which stressed the need for Gulf, Arab and Islamic solidarity and stability and the importance of reinforcing the bonds of friendship and brotherhood of the peoples and States of the Council in order to serve interests of their security and aspirations,

In keeping with the positions taken by Saudi Arabia stressing the need to realize solidarity and stability and strengthen cooperation among GCC States, and in response to the urgent need to consolidate efforts, advance the region and meet the challenges that face it,

And further to the announcement by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of the reopening of the skies and the air and land borders between the Kingdom and its sister State of Qatar, and their agreement to put aside differences and repair the rift,

The Government of Saudi Arabia hereby announces that diplomatic ties will be resumed, the Kingdom’s embassy and offices in Doha will be reopened, and all other necessary measures will be taken.

The Kingdom takes this opportunity to express its appreciation for the good offices and efforts of our brothers in the State of Kuwait and for the efforts of the United States administration in this regard.