The United States is blocking the European Digital Markets Act, a legislative regulatory proposal. Not so much because it is unfavorale to the US tech giants, but because it allows Russian and Chinese companies to get into the game.

The European Commission intends to clamp down on Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, for the time it takes the European companies to become competitive. To do this, it aims to prevent them from exploiting their dominant position by using some of the data collected by their subsidiaries. But it also plans to organize competition by authorizing all European and foreign companies to take part. However, Washington accepts to go up against the Europeans, but the Russians and the Chinese.

According to the US Secretary of Commerce, whose country alone controls the global Internet, this would amount to internationalizing the Internet by sharing it with companies in enemy countries. This is equivalent to the logic deployed by Washington against Russian and Chinese companies wishing to participate in tenders for the 5G network.

A summit of the US-EU Trade and Technology Council to discuss this topic is scheduled on 29 September in Pittsburg.