The trial of US citizen Majid Khan, who was a letter carrier for al-Qaeda in Pakistan, began at the illegal US Navy base at Guantánamo [1]. On that occasion, he testified about the treatment to which he was subjected since his illegal kidnapping in Pakistan in March 2003.

This is the first time that a US military court got to hear a testimony of this nature. All of the reported acts were committed by US officials.

Majid Khan described, in particular, how he was suspended naked from a ceiling beam and sprayed with ice cold water for three days, subjected to waterboarding on repeated occasions, as well as to deafening music, raped and starved - all of it under doctors’ supervision. These tortures took place non-stop, for three years, in several different prisons, one of which was completely black and without toilets. They continued during his internment at Camp 7 at the Guantánamo base until October 2007.

During his hearing, military judges did not challenge his testimony.

The text of his testimony is attached.

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[1This base is illegally occupied by the United States on Cuban territory.