The United Nations Security Council has brushed aside Russian accusations regarding the biological military program that the United States allegedly pursued abroad and in particular in Ukraine. However, Russia still considers that the arguments advanced by Washington, and accepted by London and Paris, are not at all satisfactory. Moscow has, therefore, decided to call as witnesses the signatories of the Biological Weapons Convention who are holding the Ninth Review Conference in Geneva from 28 November to 16 December 2022.

In anticipation of this summit, Russia has just published 80 new documents, stemming from various sources.

During the Conference, Russia will push for the adoption of a legally binding protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention to include a list of pathogenic microorganisms, toxins and special equipment; take into account modern scientific and technological progress in the field of biology; and provide an effective verification mechanism.

In addition, it will propose to complement the confidence-building measures with information on biosafety research and development outside the national territory, as well as information on animal vaccine production facilities.

Finally, it will call for the creation of a scientific advisory committee to assess scientific and technological developments relevant to the Convention, with a broad geographical representation and equal participation.