We are contemporary witnesses of the U.S.’s strategy aimed at controlling the gas and oil communication and transportation pathways from the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea Areas. What once used to protect the oil pipelines and adjacent facilities is now utilized to establish a total military and strategic control of the region. A militarization plan is underway. Obviously, the American friends have not failed to remember that their associates will receive political and international assistance without fail.
One of the targets is facing any possible Iranian incidents in the nuclear sphere. The creation of two military naval bases by Baku and the Kazakhstan brook have been foreseen. Large military constructions will control the route bridging the Caspian southern and northern harbors thus blocking the Iranian ports.
Contrary to President Azeri’s official statements, it is evident that his country has been unable to oppose Donald Rumsfeld’s demands and proposals.
The General Staff of the Caspian Guard operation shapes soldiers, has new radars available and has installed new telecommunication stations the range of which covers Iran, Armenia or the Russian coasts of the Caspian Sea. Underlying conflicts strike nations in the region, such as Georgia and Azerbaijan. Troops and bases will be available without the UN’s authorization. It is the work of the same strategists operating in Yugoslavia or Iraq.
We should not forget that Azerbaijan’s legislative elections will take place this year, which will be crucial for the present government and for the future program of the west strategists. Experienced men from Ukraine and Georgia must help to it. The west politicians’ arguments to achieve a rapprochement between Armenia and NATO will be this organization’s guaranteeing role in relation to the European Union. The «Stratfor» (Strategic Forecasting) analytical center has suggested that Armenians change radically their foreign policy and join the United States, in which case, the United States will promise Erevan the use of NATO as a platform for discussions with Turkey.

Gazeta SNG (Russia)
Gazeta SNG is an online news daily in Russian language.

Заокеанский бросок в Закавказье”, by Smbat Karakhanian, Gazeta SNG, April 18, 2005.