Our world is “normally” silent in the face of evil. Israel, for its part, is not to choose between silence or complicity of political terrorism, but between being a victim or resorting to the use of force. The use of force is not inherently evil, and it is even indispensable in terrorism-related issues.
Israel faces a unique kind of terrorism for its cowardice, its barbarism and its genocidal nature. All states have the right of self-defense and facing biological and even nuclear terrorist threats Israel has the right to refuse to be a victim and to become an executioner. Albert Camus called on us to be neither victims nor executioners and he counted on the principle of reciprocity to calm down the spirits and limit the number of executioners. But we are not living Albert Camus’ world and if we adopt his principles, Israel would be on the way to its own self-destruction.
Whatever the achievements of Israel, they will not impress the Islamists who want to kill Jews. There is no Arab solution with two states, there is only one final solution.
It is necessary that the executioners find a place within the Israeli government as, sadly, killing is sometimes a sacred duty in the face of evil.

Washington Times (United States)
Propriété du révérend Sun Myung Moon (Église de l’Unification).

« Terrorism’s executioner », by Louis Rene Beres, Washington Times, May 31, 2005.