002. «You Can’t Win Wars Alone»
Today, we have negotiations with Iran, but we are on alert. It is a difficult negotiation, but we are convinced that the political and diplomatic option is the best. Our main objective is to have the assurance that the Iranian nuclear program is exclusively civilian. We do not have it at the moment, but we are making progress.
I do not think that «no» to the Constitution will succeed in France. It will be necessary to obtain 25 ratifications without which, there will not be any Constitution, because it is a delicate process. We are going to make progress in terms of judicial cooperation, fight against terror, foreign policy and investigation where new regulations are needed. There is no other choice for that text. There have been two basic principles in Europe over the past 50 years: a huge trade area and the establishment of a political entity that may count in the international arena. We want to play the same role of the United States or China. The United States is interested in having associates, since it cannot achieve peace by itself. The war on terror can only be achieved by working together.
As to the Darfur region, we are willing to assist the African Union, buy we do not know yet whether it would be through the European Union or NATO. We will see what the best option would be.
Regarding the sales of weapons to China, we know that it is a sensitive issue for you. We will make sure that trade is monitored. What we wanted was to put an end to an anachronism.

Washington Post (United States)

" ’You Can’t Win Wars Alone’ ", by Michel Barnier, Washington Post, May 4, 2005. Adapted excerpts from a news conference.