From a long time ago, China has assumed the great power condition and is ready to defy the United States, even on a global level. This is also due to the fact that, after the downfall of communism, Confucianism remains the only model for state development, capable of representing an alternative for the Western values. Many of the military strategy changes that have recently taken place in the Far East are not only made against Korea, but, as Washington likes to say, also against China.
Most of the wars waged by the Americans lately have been against militarily weaker opponents, whose regimes were fragile and demoralized. Afterwards, they would let others do the work as was the case with the Atlantic Alliance in Afghanistan. In Korea, however, the thing turns more complicated because the Americans haven’t found any allies in the region.
China is carrying out a whole schedule of military programs. The United States, on its side, is restructuring its forces, particularly its navy. It wants to readjust its anti-missile defense system. Today, the nuclear weapon has grown so lethal that one has no time to dodge the attack, only return it. In the end, it results in two dead bodies or one dead and another seriously wounded - a risk that Washington won’t chance. The Chinese are developing missiles that can evade the shield, so they can keep the status quo and the political-strategic role of the nuclear weapon. In our days, the idea of a “global nuclear war” has a greater meaning for people. The theories about the global nuclear winter and of the anti-globalization theoreticians are having their effect and the atomic weapon is not any longer only a means to wage war but a powerful instrument for pressure too. The financial aspect must also be taken into account in case that the Chinese military techniques are as sophisticated as ours.
North Korea, from the American point of view, of course, continues to be one of the first countries on the terrorist list, but their system is not so feeble as to crumble. There are also South Korea and Japan, supported by the United States. But on the other hand are the Russians and the Chinese. Let’s think that if the Americans should station themselves by the north border of our country and close any sea access, that would mean such a hard blow as it is their presence in the Middle East. They may make their way to Sverdlovsk and to the European side of the country, because our system had not foreseen that the United States could ever use Bichkek as a military base.

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