Due to the attacks in London, Westerners have begun to widely discuss the problem of the radical Islam. In many European countries, they wonder what is tolerable or not in the attitude of Muslims, but measures are still too few. Last week, the same day, two important western politicians went beyond that.
The Minister of Education of the British Conservative Party, David Cameron, referred to the concept of British identity as the definition for “freedom with regard to right” and compared Islamism with Nazism or Communism: totalitarian systems that must be eliminated. On his side, Peter Costello, the Australian Minister of Financing, said: “Australia hope its citizens to maintain their fundamental beliefs: democracy, respect for law, an independent judicial power, freedoms” and invited all those who wanted the Shariah to be the common law to abandon the country.
Like Costello, more and more politicians have demanded the expulsion of all those who refuse to follow those beliefs. The Minister of Defense of the British Conservative Party, Gerald Howarth went even further by demanding the expulsion of all Islamists, including those who were born in Great Britain.
Why wouldn’t the Americans do the same thing?

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