On August 24, 2005, George W. Bush reaffirmed that the terrorists would not make us giving up Iraq and that we would succeed in the war against terrorism. It was important to say it clearly at a time when some people, among which advocates of the president, started to say that the war against terrorism was not a real one or that Iraq was not part of it. The president recalled that there was no room for terrorism in his approach, even in regard to an anticipated withdrawal from Iraq. There is the fear within the Republican Party that the case of Iraq may result in a defeat in the elections of 2006. Bush, for his part, will not let his policy be led by the fear and hesitation of the Republican congressmen. It would be better that they support the president more actively or back the constructive criticisms by John McCain.
Today, even George Will, of the Washington Post, feels that the desire to democratize Iraq was illusory and nowadays we run the risk of carrying out an excessive deployment of our forces. Based on this argument, Will rejected the proposal that appeared in our columns about bombing the cities of the Syrian-Iraqi border that help terrorists enter Iraq. But, what is the point of the excessive deployment of our air force? It is important to mobilize again our allies and win the war against terrorists. Bush’s speech is well-oriented, but the president has to keep the country informed about the war and urge to maintain the moral high. The success of Bush’s presidency depends upon his success as Commander in Chief.

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