The US scientific community is shocked. The scientists are worried about the project of a nuclear bombing on Iran, as justified by the new Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations drafted by the Pentagon in March 2005.

Physicists of San Diego University have filed a lawsuit against these “preventive nuclear bombings”, which includes today nearly 1 500 signatures of US physicists and 9 Nobel Prize winners (photo above: from left to right, Norman Ramsey, Jack Steinberg, Philip Anderson, Frank Wilczek, Douglas Osheroff, Jerome Friedman, Anthony Leggett, Steven Weinberg).

These scientists are against the concept that everything falls under “weapon of mass destruction” and the use of mini-nuclear bombs. They feel that there is not much difference between this new technology and the old nuclear bombs, neither when the target is underground facilities or cities or armies.

They think that all citizens should participate in a national debate about this issue before it is too late.

Remember that the office of the Vice-president analyzed the scenarios of nuclear bombing in Iran in August 2005.