Global CST has signed a 10 million US dollar contract with the Peruvian Government of Alan Garcia to train and oversee the Peruvian army against "Shining Path". In addition, Global CST has already sold to the Peruvian army 3 million US dollars worth of night vision materials.

Despite denying any type of subordination to the Government of Tel-Aviv, Global CST is an essential piece of the Israeli military-industrial complex. It constitutes a lean structure which employs only a handful of individuals, but which is linked to the Mikal Group (brands: Soltam, ITL, Saymar), the second most important private company in the Israeli armament industry. Managed by Avrahm (Miko) Gilat, Mikal sells a whole gamut of products ranging from artillery parts, light armoured vehicles and optoelectronics.

The CEO of Global CST is Israeli general Ziv (former Israeli Army chief-of-staff), who was defeated by Hezbollah in 2006.

In 2008, Global CST organized Ingrid Betancourt’s rescue operation in Colombia (dubbed Operation Jaque) while simultaneously planning Georgia’s aggression against South Ossetia (an operation which claimed more than one thousand lives).

Global CST’s deployment in Colombia and Peru should be appraised in conjunction with the supervision of the Honduran military junta by other Israeli "private" military companies.