After the flight of 35 military advisers and Western journalists, the 2000 fighters of the Free "Syrian" Army clustered in the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr lost all hope of seeing the promises of the West come true.

Wednesday, 29 February 29, hundreds chose to surrender before the Syrian National Army penetrated the rebel area.

The Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr occupied less than 40 acres when it was cordoned off by loyalist forces. It comprises only part of the Baba Ams district itself, and some adjacent streets.

Syria is a country of 185,000 km2, inhabited by 23 million people.

The insurgents gave themselves up, leaving their weapons behind. Their arsenal included shooting stations and AT-13 / 9K115 Metis anti-tank missiles. This Russian equipment being already outdated and quite widespread in the region, it is difficult at this time to pinpoint via which trafficking ring it was actually delivered.

At the start of the Battle of Homs, the rebels were also in possession of anti-tank Milan firing stations.