Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev used a toy remote control to detonate the Boston Marathon bombs, said Dutch Ruppersberger, top Democrat on the House Committee on Intelligence, after a closed meeting with three federal security officials.

According to claims attributed to Dzhokhar, the Tsarnaev brothers learned how to build a pressure-cooker bomb by reading Inspire, the online magazine reportedly linked to the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda.

However, the minutes of the judiciary hearings testify that Dzohkhar can only communicate by nodding his head. For its part, Voltaire Network scoured through 10 numbers of Inspire and was unable to find any articles relating to the use of remote control for this type of bomb. In addition, a toy remote control cannot be used to activate an explosive inside a thick pressure cooker which acts as a Faraday cage.

Dutch Ruppersberger has also questioned the collaboration of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which according to him failed to respond to three FBI requests concerning Tsarnaev Tamerlane. However, according to other congressmen who were present at the same closed meeting, a "good cooperation" prevailed between the U.S. and Russian agencies.

Gaia Edwards