When they received Masoud Barzani, the President of the Regional Government of Iraqi Kurdistan, at the White House, the 5th May 2015, President Barack Obama and Vice-President strongly stated their support for a united and federal Iraq, which is to say they oppose the project for the creation of an independent Kurdistan. The US Executive warned the pro-Israeli Kurds against any initiative.

For the last few moths, the Regional Government of Iraqi Kurdistan has been preparing an invasion of Northern Syria and the realisation of the Robin Wright plan. This project for the « remodeling of Syria and Iraq », imagined by the Pentagon, was published in September 2013, and partially implemented, notably by the Islamic Emirate [1]. It called for the creation of a Sunnistan and a Kurdistan straddling both countries.

General Joseph Dunford, who has just been nominated head of the Combined Armed Forces of the United States, had warned President Obama several times in 2014 about the serious consequences of the plan to support the Isalmic Emirate.

By restarting the war through its Kurdish puppet, Tel-Aviv had attempted to scuttle the agreement between Washington and Teheran.

Turkey is absolutely opposed to the Wright plan, which would lead inevitably to its own partition. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has multiplied his engagements with his own Kurds in an attempt to persude them to lay down their arms. In the event that Erbil and Tel-Aviv should begin another war against Syria, Ankara could move over to support Damascus.

Pete Kimberley

[1Imagining a Remapped Middle East”, Robin Wright, The New York Times Sunday Review, September 28, 2013.