The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and members of the Nusrah Front (Al-Qaida) are modifying Scud missiles, which ISIL had obtained in Iraq. The missiles were taken to the town of Gharibah, Dayr al-Zawr governorate, where they were modified at the Jabisah oil fields administration building. The missiles were then moved to the agricultural centre building in the city of Raqqah.

The missiles were modified by Jonas Shelly, an Australian national; Quint Frens, a British national; and the United-Staters nationals Blair (nicknamed Abu Ahmad) and “Mitsu”. Those terrorists worked under the supervision and command of the ISIL terrorists Abdulrazzaq Isa al-Kahilah (from Aleppo governorate) and Bassam al-Rafdan. The operation was funded by the Saudi Arabian Salibi Khalid Yunis, Faris al-Juwaydan (an officer), Mahmud Dawahi al-Anazi and Turki Jad‘an al-Sarhan (nicknamed Abu al-Maghirah). The Turkish terrorist expert Cok Oktay supervised the arming of the missiles with chemical warheads.

Those missiles were recently moved over dirt roads to Qalamun, from where they were taken to the Jarajir area, in accordance with the instructions of the ISIL organization that the missiles should be aimed at Damascus, particularly the Presidential Palace. ISIL paid large sums of money to carry out this operation, in order to spread panic at this time.