Egytian president Mohamed Morsi and the Supreme guide of the Muslim brotherhood, Mohammed Badie.

The difference between Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, is deception, which is the main factor MB are using in their tactics, till they dominate a country’s joints, then they raise the sword against their opponents.

Other terrorist groups like ISIS, may disagree with Muslim Brothers tactics, because they use slaughter and intimidation right away, in order to have full control on a country. The common goal for Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups like ISIS, is to reach power and to build an Islamic empire based on their own fascist provisions which have nothing to do with Islam or moderate Muslims.

When Muslim Brotherhood reached power in Egypt, they appointed Islamist Jihadists and convicted terrorists in different ministries posts and others were counselors to Mohamed Morsi the former president of Egypt. Morsi and Muslim brotherhood got into coalition with terrorist groups and Islamist Jihadists, from one side to support MB ruling against their opponents, and from another side, they promised them to apply sharia laws and leave these terrorists act freely in the country without any surveillance from the authorities in Egypt [1].

Muslim Brotherhood are the parent of all terrorist groups, including ISIS. Hassan Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood sought to restore worldwide Islamic Caliphate. Since his childhood, Albanna was attracted to extremists who were hostile to Western culture and to its system of rights, particularly women’s rights.

Al-Banna biggest dream was the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate. And it was this dream, which he believed could only become a reality by means of the sword, that won the hearts and minds of a growing legion of his Extremist followers. Al-Banna would describe, in inflammatory speeches, the horrors of hell expected for heretics, and consequently, the need for Muslims to return to their purest religious roots, re-establish the Caliphate, and resume the great and final holy war, or jihad, against the non-Muslim world and Moderate Muslims opponents. Al-Banna spelled out his ideas in a major document titled “The Way of Jihad.”

Under Al-Banna’s stewardship, the Brotherhood developed a network of underground cells, stole weapons, trained fighters, formed secret assassination squads, founded sleeper cells of subversive supporters in the ranks of the army and police, and waited for the order to go public with terrorism, assassinations, and suicide missions.

It was during this time that the Brotherhood found a soulmate in Nazi Germany. The Reich offered great power connections to the movement, but the relationship brokered by the Brotherhood was more than a marriage of convenience. Both movements sought world conquest and domination and both movements committed crimes against humanity.

What I stated above, is not my personal opinion, but it is history, for those who don’t read history or those who forge history for one reason or another.

The link between Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, is no longer a speculation, different Arab and Egyptian sources revealed that the link between MB and ISIS is a reality.

Despite that Muslim Brotherhood always deny any ties between their organization and other terrorist organizations like ISIS, like it or not, accept it or not, what happened and still taking place in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Iraq, is proving the opposite to this denial.

On 6 March 2016, the Egyptian minister of interior General Magdy Abd El-Ghafar announced in an international press conference, details of Muslim Brotherhood 48 terrorist cell elements arrest, committed different terrorist operations in Egypt and 14 elements among this cell executed the assassination of the Egyptian Attorney General counselor Hisham Barakat. (on 29 June 2015, a deadly bomb planted on a road close to Counselor Barakat’s home and detonated as he was on his way to work. The explosion damaged 35 cars in the area, as well as the entrances of nine shops and homes. In addition to the serious injury of 9 of the counselor’s security guards and civilians)

Before the assassination of the attorney general in Egypt, Ansar Beit Elmakdess (the branch of ISIS in North Sinai), Called for assassinating all members of the Egyptian Judicial system, in response to the death sentenced of 6 of their terrorist elements and also after the death sentence on Mohamed Morsi and other MB leaders and members who committed massacres and crimes against the Egyptian people [2].

On 27 January 2016, Al-Bawaba News published names of 30 Muslim brotherhood elements, who joined terrorist camps in Libya and are trained to commit suicidal attacks in Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood joined ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Eastern Libya, during the last 6 month and are trained on using weapons, making explosives and car bombs.

Al-Bawaba News revealed 30 names out of 100 from the Muslim brotherhood organization, who joined terrorist camps in Libya and Syria, like ISIS and Al-Qaeda and especially the terrorist group called “Al-Morabetoun Al-Godod” a terrorist branch of Al-Qaeda organization in Libya, to prepare the MB elements to carry out suicidal attacks in Egypt [3].

In Bahrain, during the year of 2012, Nasser Al-Fadallah one of the Muslim Brotherhood top leaders, made a speech in front of the US Embassy in Manama, protested against the abusing movie of Prophet Mohamed, when masked men appeared behind Fadallah raised the black flags of ISIS. At this time, no one understood the purpose or the symbol of raising these flags, till ISIS raised the same flag after they appeared in Syria and Iraq.

After the video was spread on the net, Fadallah commented later on, that he had no idea who were these masked men who stood behind him and raised these black flags!!

Fadallah said in his speech, that those who offended the prophet, got themselves involved in issues bigger than they are, and he called and incited protesters and all Muslims to show the offenders practically, how Muslims defend and love their prophet.

Bahrain, Manama, US Embassy, year 2012, Nasser Al-Fadallah one of the Muslim Brotherhood top leaders, protested against the abusing movie of Prophet Mohamed, ISIS masked men appeared behind Fadallah raised the black flags of ISIS.

On 30/8/2014, The Egyptian National Security in coordination with the ministry of Interior arrested the first Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cell, formed of 3 groups, pledged loyalty to the leader of ISIS [4]. The authorities arrested 8 individuals belonged to the executive assassination group and committed many terror attacks against the Egyptian police forces in Beni Suef, Giza and Sharqia Cities.

The national security investigations revealed that this terrorist group called themselves the supporters of the Islamic sharia Laws, assassinated 12 police officers and soldiers, and planned the killing of 9 others and had lists of police individuals and armed forces names to assassinate.

The cell was formed in Rabaa Square [5]. The cell divided themselves to 3 groups, one group to collect information about the targeted police individuals, the second group handled monitoring their targets, third group was in charge of executing assassination and explosives manufacturing, preparing and moving weapons through Libya and the Gaza strip borders. Court case number 318 for year 2013.

Some of the terrorists who got arrested in ISIS cell, got trained in Syria after they were released from jails under the presidential pardon issued by Mohamed Morsi [6], the Muslim Brotherhood former president of Egypt [7].

On 18/6/2014, The Egyptian ministry of Interior arrested Mamdouh Mohamed Hassan, Muslim Brotherhood member worked in the Egyptian ministry of education, who was involved in violence incitement and participated in attacking police forces during Muslim Brotherhood armed and violent protests. Investigators revealed that he had maps and papers that indicated the ties between ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood to commit terror attacks in different parts of Egypt.

On 9/8/2014, Zaky Bin Arshid, The deputy of the general observer of Muslim Brotherhood Organization, declared that Muslim Brotherhood rejected Obama’s statement about the US won’t allow Extremists and ISIS of establishing the Islamic Caliphate, And that Muslims did not pledge loyalty to Obama to decide who and who is not allowed to rule them. Later On, after being attacked for his declaration, Bin Arashid said that he did not mean what people understood wrongly from his statement, that he was supporting ISIS!

Muslim Brotherhood youth led by Assad Al-Islam formed a movement called “Dahis” to spread ISIS Jihadist Ideology in Egypt [8]. Muslim Brotherhood “Dahis” movement declared the responsibility of terror attacks, and bombing Faisal and Haram streets in Giza recently. The movement is formed from 300 youth members of MB.

ISIS managed to recruit many of Muslim Brotherhood youth through social networks. Like Muslim Brotherhood jihad movements in Egypt: Molotov, Ahrar and Islamic Jihad in Egypt. All these Muslim Brotherhood movements in Egypt pledged loyalty to ISIS.

Sabra Alqassemy, former Jihadist in Egypt gave up violence some time ago, and provided earlier information and details which led to the arrest of the first ISIS cell in Sharqia city. He confirmed that ISIS ideology exists in Egypt since Muslim Brotherhood have reached power, and the followers and supporters of ISIS got the blessings from Mohamed Morsi [9]. The armed forces war against terrorism in Sinai, forced terrorists to escape to upper Egypt and hide in the mountains areas.

Alqassemy exposed the names of militants who are leading ISIS supporters in Egypt, LIKE: Abu Saad Al-Mohager and Abu Al-Munzeir Al-Shankeety who are handling the recruiting and training.

One of the leaders of ISIS Lebanon, Abu Sayaf Al-Ansary indicated that ISIS organisation will enter Egypt soon through ISIS lovers and supporters, Muslim Brotherhood Jihad movements and Ansar Beit Almakdes in Sinai, both pledged loyalty to ISIS. He also added that when Islamic caliphate will be applied by the sword, democracy, nationalism and secularism will be terminated. The Islamic prince or ruler must be obeyed and Islamic Sharia laws will be applied. (this part he cited, he quoted the text from one of the books of the leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Sayyid Qutb. In 1966, Qutb was convicted of plotting the assassination of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and was executed by hanging.)

Mohamed Mursi with Assem Abd Elmaged the leader of Gamaa islamiya who assassinated police and military individuals in the 90’s

Nabil Naim, former leader of Jihadists group in Egypt, gave up violence and now he is fighting terrorism, and Dr. Samir Ghattas, director of Strategic studies in the middle east center, confirmed that there is an Egyptian man called Abu Hamza Almasry, he is the link between Muslim Brotherhood youth jihadi movements in Egypt and ISIS leader Abu Bakr Alboghdady. They added that after the 30th of June revolution that toppled the Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime in Egypt, MB found in ISIS the last hope to get back to power, especially after what ISIS is achieving in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Morsi celebrated 6 Oct , the day of President Sadat assassination, Morsi with late president Sadat’s assassins in Etihadeya presidential palace…

On the other hand, Hossam Alawak a member in the Syrian liberation army indicated that brigadier Tarek Alhashemy one of the leaders of the organization in Iraq, had a meeting with Ossama Rushdy one of the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood international organization, about two month ago in Istanbul, and they reached agreement on the ways of supporting “the Jihadists in Egypt”. Alawak confirmed that the way the youth of MB got recruited in Egypt, is the same way the youth got recruited in Syria.

In addition, Alawak explained that Hikmat Yuzu one of the Qatari intelligence element, is handling the purchase of weapons to ISIS, Yuzu was monitored on the Turkish borders by Mid of last month.

On 13/8/2014, Vetogate newspaper published a report about unannounced visit by one of Muslim Brotherhood top leaders to Iraq with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS [10]. Muslim Brotherhood offered ISIS all kinds of support including financing, in addition to MB mediation and guarantee that the US is not going to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, and won’t launch any military strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Muslim Brotherhood also offered to facilitate the entry of ISIS elements to the Egyptian territory, through the western and southern borders of Egypt, In return of ISIS helping Muslim Brotherhood to reach power again in Egypt till they control all country’s joints.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS refused the Muslim Brothers offer including the financial support to ISIS, but showed his agreement to make a deal with Muslim Brotherhood to help them reaching power again in Egypt, provided that Muslim Brotherhood pledge loyalty to him as the grand Caliph of Muslims (the head of Muslims states), and ISIS to become partners to Muslim Brotherhood in ruling Egypt. The report revealed that Muslim Brothers totally refused al-Baghdadi‘s deal.

ISIS Certificate “Not an infidel” ISIS declares that Brother Mamo Al-Jaziri from the state/ Emirate of Sweden, has attended a repent cycle and completed it with good grade. Therefore, ISIS has granted this certificate to prove that he is not an infidel and it is prevented to torture him, or crucifying him, or even sexually assaulted him, provided that there is no legitimate excuse for authorizing the soldiers of the Islamic caliphate to do otherwise, in case it will be proven that he returned for heresy and demanded freedom. This certificate is valid for 3 month.

The following video published on YouTube the month of August 2014, showing a group of masked armed men who called themselves” Helwan brigades” in Egypt. They claimed that they are not MB and they were fed up of MB peaceful policy and despite this, they raised Muslim Brotherhood symbol of Rabaa (4 fingers), and they also added that they are going to get revenge from Egyptians, armed and police forces.

In the video, they threatened the Egyptian people that they will slaughter them and slaughter the Armed and police forces as well. They also said that if Egyptian people think that Armed forces will protect them from being slaughtered, they are mistaken. They threatened that the next period will see very fierce attacks, explosives, slaughter and bombing all over the country.

The Egyptian National security in coordination with the ministry of interior managed to arrest these terrorists by End of August 2014. Investigators revealed that the terrorists in the video are wanted for previous crimes of killing police individuals and participated in violent MB protests and planting explosives and bombs in different areas in Egypt, in addition to burning public properties.

The terrorists admitted that Muslim Brotherhood leader Ayman Abd Elghany, sibling of Khairat Alshater the deputy of the general chief of MB in Egypt, financed them to commit terror attacks in Egypt against civilians, armed and police forces, and also to film this video.

The leader of these terrorists, his name is Magdy A. and his nickname is Magdy fonia, confessed that he joined Muslim Brotherhood organization after Morsi became the president of Egypt. He also mentioned that he got financed and armed from other Muslim Brotherhood leaders to commit terror attacks and to film more videos like the current one, in order to distract the security forces and distort Egypt’s image in front of the world to show that Egypt armed forces and police are not capable of securing the country and to give indications that terrorism is spreading in Egypt.

Other terrorists also confessed that Muslim Brotherhood leaders wanted to keep away the security forces away and distract them with the new armed group which appeared in the video, to commit other terror attacks in other vital areas.

ISIS is spreading their militants in the world: Dames and Albatar are the branches of ISIS in Libya, Morocco and other Arab countries like Tunis, Sirya, Yemen and Algeria; Ansar Beit Almakdes and Muslim Brotherhood jihadi movements in Egypt. ISIS project is to spread and expand in order to establish an Islamic Emirate that includes Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt.

In relation to ISIS spreading internationally, ISIS reached the European countries through many foreigners who have joined ISIS for Jihad in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and Mali. Most probably, they will form an equivalent organization after they return to Europe in order to start the Jihad war against their own people in Europe.

Despite that ISIS is formed of about fifteen thousand militant and seized many arms and ammunition and is controlling some of the oil fields in Iraq, and they managed to control the central bank in Musul, after they seized about 429 million Dollar; A bunch of mercenaries like ISIS cannot win any battle against countries, people and well equipped and qualified armies in the world, but we cannot underestimate the big threat and danger these terrorists are representing, if they manage to have full control on just one Arab country, like Iraq, Libya or Syria.

Iraq and Libya in particular, are easy targets for ISIS, After US invaded Iraq based on a barefaced lie of WMD, and US deliberately dispersed The Iraqi Army and Police forces, same thing happened in Libya after the invasion too. What makes things worse, is also that Libya and Iraq are formed of different tribes and multiple doctrines, this is another dangerous issue that make people’s unity against terrorism, is almost impossible, because they are not united, on the opposite, they are fighting each other since the invasion and they do have religious and doctrines conflicts.

The world community, the UN, US, Europe, don’t give a damn care about Christians, moderate Muslims who get slaughtered or tortured or crucified daily by ISIS or by other terrorist groups.

US started military strikes against ISIS in Iraq, just to protect US interests in Iraq. US wanted to remove Assad regime in Syria by financing and supporting terrorists like ISIS, instead of fighting them. Moreover, US is still supporting Muslim Brotherhood terrorists organization, as long as they don’t announce Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist group”.

The US thought that supporting Muslim Brotherhood fascist regime in Egypt, will enable the Muslim brotherhood to have control on all other terrorist groups, and it was ok for the US that terrorists divide the middle east to Islamic emirates, and force their own Sharia laws provisions on the majority and the minority, as long as they will become allies to the US instead of being enemies.

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Terrorism doesn’t admit countries or borders, terrorism has no home, no religion, terrorism is the enemy of humanity and when they start to attack, they bite the hand that fed them.

[7Egypt Presidential Elections Fraud In Favor Of Mohamed Morsi”, Voltaire Network, 21 June 2012.