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Google is Directing the French Election Campaign


Since February 28, 2017, Google News Lab and the European Journalism Center (EJC) have coordinated French and foreign companies for the duration of the French presidential election campaign.

Both organizations rely on the experience of ProPublica, which directed the media against Donald Trump during the US election campaign.

They not only bring together media, but also schools that provide them with "experts".

Companies that have reached an agreement with Google News Lab and the European Journalism Center (EJC) for the duration of the French presidential campaign are:

AFP, Bellingcat, Bloomberg, Buzz Feed News, Journalist Training Center, Center France, Channel 4, Sciences Po School of Journalism, Euractiv, Euronews, Explicite, Facebook, Factoscope , France24-Les Observateurs, FranceTelevision, Global Voices, International Business Times, L’Express, La Provence, La Voix du Nord, L’Avenir, LCI, Liberation, London School of Economics, Mashable-France 24, Meedan, Nice-Matin, West-France, Street 89, StoryFul, Street Press, South-West.

For example: during the transition period, Buzz Feed News published a hoax stating that the Russian intelligence services had a compromising file against candidate Donald Trump. Moscow would therefore have been in a position to blackmail the President of the United States. ProPublica’s partners had largely republished this "verified" allegation, despite the protests of the president-elect. It has proven to be purely defamatory.

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