The Pentagon has incorporated between 10 and 15 000 former Daesh jihadists into its new Syrian Border Security Force in Syria (SBSF).

The same number of former Daesh jihadists has been sent to Afghanistan.

The bulk of the SBSF is made up of soldiers of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF). The SDF itself is established around Units for the Protection of the People (YPG), the sister militia of the PKK in Syria.

230 of these soldiers will be trained by the US Army.

So, more than 10,000 former Isis jihadists will fight on the side of the Syrian Kurds under the Pentagon’s direct command.

The Pentagon intends to proceed with its own plan for the “Rojava”, rejecting France’s plan. The Pentagon’s idea is to establish something akin to a pseudo state, comparable to the unrecognized state of the Iraqi Kurdistan, organized according to the anarchist model of Murray Bookchin.

So by this decision to incorporate them into the SBSF, the former Isis jihadists have suddenly become atlantists, secular and anarchist.

Anoosha Boralessa