Several leaders of the Army of Islam (the jihadist group that was once set up in Eastern Ghouta), believe that the head of their organization, Mohammed Alloush, has fled after stealing 47 million dollars from the organization.

Mohammed Alloush (face on in the photo with Staffan de Mistura) is Zahran Alloush’s cousin. Zahran founded the jihadist group and died in December 2015. The head of the Alloush family was their grandfather, a Wahhabite preacher who had sought refuge in Saudi Arabia where he lives today. The family has significant assets in the United Kingdom.

Supported by the British and the French, Mohammed became the leader of the delegation opposing the negotiations in Geneva. In Syria, he became known for his campaign to execute homosexuals, implemented in the areas of Ghouta that fell under the control of Yesh al-Islam.

Mohammed Alloush appears to have reinvested the money that he stole in commercial interests in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Anoosha Boralessa